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Leto Solutions Team Wins Student Technology Venture Competition At UT San Antonio

(June 5, 2013: Posted by: Mike Nace,  BioNews Texas) 

A team of eight talented undergraduate students were this year’s winners in The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship’s Student Technology Venture Competition. Dubbed “Leto Solutions,” the team, which was comprised of majors Austin Darius, Jake Montez, David Schultz and Gary Walters and undergraduate business majors Nam Do, Eric Michael Garza, Enrique Medrano and Justin Stultz, won $100,000 for developing a prototype thermoelectric cooling system for prostheses, as well as a business
plan for marketing the product.

The crux of Leto Solutions’ product was to improve the overall comfort for prosthetic limbs by addressing a primary area of discomfort for those who wear them on a regular basis: the build-up of heat in the space where a residual limb comes in contact with the prosthetic itself. Because this area is high in friction, the build up of heat and sweat is not only uncomfortable, but also can lead to serious medical problems, such as infection, skin breakdown, ulcers, and blisters. In spite of the fact that long-term prosthetic users tend to develop calluses on their residual limbs, this issue always remains a concern.

Leto Solutions’ Aquilonix Prosthetic Cooling System utilizes thermoelectric technology that integrates directly into the socket of the prosthetic itself, so that the temperature in that critical area can be regulated. The result is a dramatic reduction in heat and sweat, which in turn makes for a more comfortable fit and reduces the potential for serious side effects.


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